About us

Welcome to Namhar Enterprise

NAMHAR ENTERPRISE is one of the reputed Import Export Company in India. Our firm is one of the main companies for exporting variety of Spices, Agro and Allied products to global market under the trademark of NAMHAR.

We offers a full range of spices including Ground spices, Whole spices, Blends, Continental Herbs, Pulses and Agro product. Our range of Spices is widely appreciated across the world for quality, high nutritional value, and excellent medicinal properties. We strongly believe in offering buyers a benchmark of quality product at competitive prices.

We have established very good business relationship and trust with local traders & farmers which paved our pathway to supply the highest quality of spice and Agro commodities to the outer world. Hence, we have acquired numerous international buyers throughout the past few years.

Our vision is to establish long term business relationship with local and international customers by providing quality products and become the best spice and agro commodity exporter of India.

The company is able to cater to the custom requirements of wholesale and value added seeking buyers all around the world. This includes the facility to produce and process high quality whole spices and spice blends to export according to the requirements of the international customers.

Our company has an absolute passion for quality, reliability & committed to excellence. We take every precaution to ensure that all the products comply with high quality standards.

Our products are selective and in accordance with international standards, we strictly follow our quality control procedures with our in-house facilities before shipping.

Who we are

Namhar Enterprise, located in India, is one of the leading spices and agro exporter in India that offers the best quality authentic spices and agro from India. Our approach to agriculture is revolutionary.

We believe the farmers, who spend most of their time and energy to produce and cultivate the agricultural products should have the maximum gain from agriculture.

We are exporting most of the varieties of spices and agro product to the International market as we supply whole in bulk bags and Boxes. We welcome any special quality requirements and specifications.

We have built trust not only with our International buyers but also from the underprivileged farmers. This ensures that we deliver crops of good and very excellent quality.


To become the leader and trusted exporter for premium quality produce from India, for consumers around the world, while maintaining a strict sense of devotion to the environment around us. To continuously improve and upgrade knowledge, systems and practices to maintain and qualify with the latest updates of Global quality standards.


The objective of our company is to ensure the preservation of the authenticity and quality as well as the establishment of NAMHAR brand as the most preferred Spice and Agro supplier among international markets.

We are focused on:
⚶ Organics
⚶ Food Safety
⚶ Sustainable Production & Processing
⚶ Trace-ability